About Me

Matianyu (Yuki) Zang

Hi, I am a rising senior at Brown University concentrating in computer science and pure math.

email: matianyu_zang “at” brown “dot” edu

About My Mentor

Dr. Jessy Junyi Li

Li is an assistant professor and researcher at the University of Texas at Austin under the department of linguistic. She is a member of UT NLP group. Area of interest: discourse processing, language generation, and NLP in social contexts Personal website: https://jessyli.com/

About My Project

In-group and out-group analysis is a concept rooted in social psychology that is now frequently applied to various fields including linguistics, social networks, and discourse analysis. This method examines how individuals classify themselves and others into either ‘in-groups’, ‘out-groups’, or ‘third-party’ based on perceived membership in a social, cultural, linguistic, or ideological group. In this project, we are focusing on the in-group/outgroup analysis on the nfl football game discussion comments.

My project entails:

  1. search for reddit football game posts for each of the 32 nfl teams
  2. scrape the game post comments for each relevant post
  3. mask off pronouns, nouns, etc. in the comments
  4. manually or use GPT to annotate the masked entities using labels: in-group/outgroup/third-party/unclear/either
  5. train models to predict the class of the masked entities
  6. analyze the results

My Final Report:


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